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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bouncing To the Beat

Bouncing to the Beat

This morning while up working , the news reported on this amazing guitar player. He is actually playing the guitar while bouncing a basketball to the beat.

Meet Ben Laps. Ben likes to play guitar and he likes to play basketball, so he figured why not try both at once? Notice how his basketball bouncing matches the beat of the song? That's called talent!
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Ben Lapps is a musician. At 19 years old he has released 3 full-length albums, performed hundreds of concerts, and acquired over 10 million total views on YouTube. Ben’s guitar playing has a great deal of international attention, leading the way for the next generation of fingerstyle guitarists worldwide. Inspired by acoustic guitar icons such as Michael Hedges, Justin King, and Thomas Leeb, his music is truly unique – beautiful to listen to and mesmerizing to watch.

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