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Thursday, November 21, 2013


I wrote this poem back in 2003

Sticky Subject                                                                         Touchy Topic

Giving into the distorted visions and opinions of others is the focus...area of the matter.

Turns out numerous prefer ignorance rather a preference in favor of wisdom.

Gambling away money to keep up with the "Jones-es". Continuous interest in societies conceptions of what brings happiness.

Trying to get rich quick.
In general
largely aspire legal tender;
yearning for the pleasures of leisure; 
only wanting parts of the labor
for selfish intentions

Never for helping their fellow neighbor.

Many are only wanting to party.
The majority live in poverty
from lack of knowledge 
in conjunction with 
the WILL 
to just go out and get it

And if they do 
Seems they're only
Choosing "BULLSHIT" 
Instead of REALNESS 

Steady falling for the worlds perception
Mind clouded by the deceptive illusions
Time now to awaken from the sleeping
and SEE the FALSENESS that's being passed off as TRUTHFULNESS

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