UPLift the Mind... UPLift the Soul...Use the Light Within to See Past the Illusions. Using art to provoke thought, Urban Poetry is about, finding beauty in the grim; art that is unexpected and the artistry of urban imagination.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

My Bio of "Urban Poetry"

I started Urban Poetry in 2006(ofcl. 8/9/07 Dal. Co.) as a Brand Name for my clothing line while enrolled at El Centro College, for fashion design. I choose Urban Poetry because those two words together best described me as a poet and my garments were poetic in a sense.

I, like many, who go off to design school may understand, thought because my designs were so cool, that overnight I’d be the next Michael Kors, Betsy Johnson, Tory Burch. … then reality hit! To have a successful clothing line....takes a bit more than meets the eye with  a lot
 of stress that comes with the territory.
(OH THE STRESS!!!!!!! Project Runway Contestant Exit Interview.... see what it can do to people)

I have done a lot of work in the fashion industry, from styling fashion shows,designing custom clothes, from working for high-end boutiques and luxury retailers to assist in opening a boutique…but at the end of the day, I felt as if I was missing something was , focusing only on fashion. Often feeling torn and actually highly offended with the "INDUSTRY". Seeing how people can become robotic behind trends, caught up in the propaganda of societies perception of beauty and forgetting to be individuals. Too focused on being like the next, some go over and beyond with spending on material things when there are greater things one should be concerned with.  Like, thinking of the cost and where some items come from dismays my heart. The inhumane conditions a soul must go through, just so someone else can “LOOK GOOD”. I questioned the true price paid from production practices by some major clothing brands in the name of profit and vow to always manufacture with a conscience and sustainable.

Overwhelmingly dismayed with the" Industry"...came the time I needed to put my purpose with fashion into prospective, and remember the bigger picture. So, I began to think about all my passions... Then it suddenly hit me! All the pieces of thoughts and ideas scattered around on whatever I could find to write on….Urban Poetry wasn't simply a clothing line but an “Experience Through Artistic Expression through the Beauty of Urban Culture”. I love art, poetry and design especially that which speaks through urban culture. Now, don't get me wrong, I do Love fashion, but not for brand names yet for how it allows one to express who they are without speaking and the poetry that speaks through innovative and artistic garment construction.

So, Urban Poetry is more a fusion of the things that inspires me and the creations that comes.What does Urban Poetry mean?; Using art to provoke thought... It is finding beauty in the grim...the stories of rising from the ashes...art that is unexpected the artistry of imagination..with the common thread of urban culture. My blog will offer ispiration and information highlighting other artist that represent the essence of  "Urban Poetry".

Street Poet, KRS 1....Real Hip Hop makes you think.

Welcom to hp-hop culture
Where DJ-ing, MC-ing, graffiti art, breaking
And the philosophies are expressed every day
Within the inner cities of America, and the world
You are not diong hip-hop;

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