UPLift the Mind... UPLift the Soul...Use the Light Within to See Past the Illusions. Using art to provoke thought, Urban Poetry is about, finding beauty in the grim; art that is unexpected and the artistry of urban imagination.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Smoke Monster

Smoke Monster
written 10/18/13

The heavy smog kills without warning
Numerous breath in deception that slowly poisons

The acid rain causes corruption

Turning saints into sinners

Robbing innocence from children

It torments the conscience
Impairing the spirits vision

The cancerous haze proliferates the body
Producing a residue that
Suppresses the true nature of being

Becoming prisoners of consumerism
The thick illusionist cloud chokes the soul
Suffocating the hearts passion
Preventing growth

This vessel is hyperventilating
In need of ventilation for purification
Before the vitality of my existence 
Meets annihilation  

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