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Thursday, November 28, 2013



Giving Thanks
Being Thankful
Being Grateful

For the earth that gives health to my body
For family and friends that gives strength to my heart
For fellowship that gives wealth to my soul

Being Thankful 
For not always understanding the reason behind the already completed picture of  perfection
For trials and tribulations that leave me crying and wondering
For the headaches that come from those closest...
 allowing growth and wisdom from knowledge through experience

Giving Thanks 
To the Creator of creation
To that same entity that lies within this vessel
To a power so magnificent it can't be contained, standardized or constructed

Thanks Giving
To the breath of life and the exhale of death
To the bitter sweet duality of lies within truths...peace and war...
      the existence of opposites
      negative and positive
      good and evil
      harmony and confusion
      and the freedom of choice given...
      ...comprehending there is a time and place for everything

Above "All", 
To knowing, no matter the circumstance, 
The "LOVE" that wraps this universe
Shall concur each and every spirit in the end

Happy Thanksgiving  


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