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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Whats Your PURPUZ?

Our Purpuz is to stay focused. To Grind always & To Hustle hard. We don't allow the failures...setbacks...the hard times dictate how far we are going to go! Purpuz: Every One Has One. No one said it would be easy! But it will be worth it!#Purpuzthought

Jock McMillan was born in Dallas Texas. Growing up he was always inspired to do art, whether it was sketching, painting or just creating things. In the fourth grade he was accepted into Sidney Lanier as part of their art magnet program. After many years of pursuing art Jock eventually decided he wanted to be an architect.
As a junior in high school his passion for designing clothes began to take place. He started designing t shirts for himself and other students. 
For him it was just another form of art. 

Hoodie Dress Design by Jock @El Centro College

Dress design by Jock 

Jock went on to study Fashion Design at El Centro Community College and it was there Purpuz was founded in 2006. Inspired by urban art, fashion and music, he designed t-shirts and other clothing while setting out to inspire others as well to pursue their dreams through his designs.

Jacket Design by Jock 2010 Collection

He later partnered with CFO LA Jackson and the two began to elevate the brand that is Purpuz Clothing. Every One Has One.


The Inspired Cardigan Collaboration
"LA" Jackson , grew up in the urban city of Oak Cliff where fashion was a way of life, an expression of self, an artistic means of ones individuality. No formal training in the fashion world, LA became enthralled in the world of fashion through expression. Spending countless hours and sometimes money cultivating images and bringing together pieces that would continue to aide in his view of his individuality. At a fashion show, LA asked local designer, Jock McMillan, to help bring one of his ideas to life; which was a cardigan that spoke volumes to the core of LA style. It was a few years later that the two decided that the partnership that created a vision from start to finish, was now meant to be a partnership. And so began a new movement for Purpuz. La joined Jock officially as CFO/Marketing as well as assist Jock with the creative designs in 2011.

The Mission
Purpuz was created with the belief that everyone has a purpose in life. It is a brand that can best be described as urban, artistic, and positive. Our aim is to motivate people to dream big and pursue their passion while looking good doing it. Though we can’t tell you what your purpose is, we can positively style you in it.

I wanted to take a moment to "highlight" a clothing line near and dear to my heart...Purpuz. True, I'm a bit bias due to the fact that I'm the better half of the designer, Jock McMillan. Meeting in design school, we were the unlikely match, yet we have managed to put 7 yrs under our belt with 5 of those being married. Our connection, although not immediate has been a match made in Artistic Heaven. Having someone who understands the perplexing and often puzzling demeanor of my scattered artist mind is truly a blessing....So, Purpuz is a part of me and we inspire one another! 

Purpuz will always be a part of my purpose! I believe in the mission of the Brand and I believe it is worth supporting. Like FUBU, a brand for us by us, Purpuz is a clothing line for every one by us.Urban Style and culture is so entrenched in our everyday lives it crosses ethnic and racial boundaries plus much like the main Purpuz tag line says..."Every One Has One" because everyone does have a purpose

Much like FUBU's humble beginnings, making and selling his own designs from the trunk of his car to his community, as do Purpuz. Both partners have spent countless of hours in a small garage developing and printing their own designs. All while maintaining full time jobs.
Putting in work on that Plus One!.Meaning, don't have all your eggs in one basket...gotta have more than one thang going

contest winners

Purpuz has done a number of events from KixPo 2013

Post by Purpuz.

 To vendor tables at community events
Wilmer Hutchins High School Fashion Show 
Check Purpuz out on Facebook to see the morning show interview...don't forget to "Like"
K104 Inteview on the Morning show
 Purpuz was also been featured on the K104 Morning Show not long ago. So we are asking our community to please support your LOCAL DESIGNERS and find your PURPUZ.


I Love O.C. Tee. Featured  At Onli Boutique in the well known Oak Cliff Bishop Arts District.

Oak Cliff Exclusive Tee Design From Purpuz 

You can Currently Purchase Purpuz Clothing Online @purpuz
and "like" us on facebook.com/Purpu
Please check out the new Merch



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You can Currently Purchase Purpuz Clothing Online @purpuz
and "like" us on facebook.com/Purpu
Please check out the new Merch
you can follow on instagram@onepurpuz and twitter@purpuzclothing

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