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Monday, January 13, 2014

Resist Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
written 5/1/13

Merely robots...
the original hard drive is now gone.

no longer what previously was.

thoughts are now from a new source.

taking souls is it's mission.

Assuming you have the power as an individual...
to only be sadly mistaken.
Our options are selections
choices...of the 1% chosen...
basing their decisions 
automaticimageryband...click to listen
on monetary value...thinking
just about compensation.

Now many are imitators
of false images of self...
strategically placed
to indoctrinate.

Designed from an ugly philosophy
disguised as something pretty...
The sad and profound 
demise of Man Kind.

Repetition that kills the spirit.
Day in and out
with more demoralization.

Deadly has been its conception.
The transition is near completion.
Their plan seems to be working.

Yet, it can't overtake!
Due to the resistance from the agitator's!
Soldiers...refusing to be followers... 
of this broken constitution.


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