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Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Power of Dragonfly Medician

 For a moment, seemingly, I was sabotaging my life from the doubts and fears of my own mind. A mental state constantly focused on uncontrollable factors...frustrated from not being able to control every factor...and confused from not having all the answers. 
 Finally, came a period when I had to silence the pandemonium within as well the chaotic noise from outside forces- to just sitting still-- quieting my mind with meditation and listening to my soul to give my direction. 

Concluding this sabbatical and much needed leave of absence, I've notably learned to promote what I love instead of bashing what I hate...which, at times can be difficult. Yet, I'm comprehending more and more each day, the power that comes from simply showing love... especially the transforming power it has when starting with ones own self. 

 Wondering what to post next (seeing as its been awhile), I began writing and rewriting searching for the perfect combination of words to pin point my emotions and what I was experiencing in a positive light. Wanting it to precisely convey what I've learned and still learning, while going through the challenges of reviving my own purpose for being. Suddenly, my spirit was drawn back to the beautiful and poetic symbolism of the "DRAGONFLY"...from which came the logo I use for what is, "Urban Poetry".

Truly representing the essence, (with my summary of one of its meanings being the "Motto" : Uplift the Mind, Uplift the Soul...Use the Light Within to See Past the Illusions) I was completely made aware, AGAIN, of what to remember on this journey... even when the traveling conditions become turbulent. It's a continual graduation in ones level of thinking through life lessons... never-ending testing of the spirit and mind to bring about higher consciousness.

The Dragonfly's Essence: 

the symbolism of its character and what it teaches 

Spiritual Guide to Defeating Self-Created Illusions
The iridescent glow of the dragonfly's wings and body is a magical property. With the ability to present itself in different variations dependent upon the angel and polarization of light falling upon it, shows an end of self created illusions and clearer vision into life's realities.
This signifies the unmasking; revealing the spirits real abilities by removing doubts cast on ones own sense of identity and the removal of inhibitions to bring about self discovery.
Having the power of feeling free to express your true feelings... the dragonfly promotes celebrating the multitude of colors, complex beautiful shades and hues within you; loving the way you shine uniquely in the light. Energy that's radiant of the "Divine Message of Light"  and as it reflects that light from within, doors open for creative imagination. Proclaiming to "Break Free" from the opinions and judgments, the stories told by others of ones own significance. The dragonfly extends the invitation to shift your way of thinking and with the blink of an eye remembering you alone have the power to choose.      

Embodiment of Transformation
 Into action, agile in flight, the dragonfly has the capability of flying in all directions swiftly with precision, moving with the utmost grace and elegance. A characteristic that speaks of ones pure potential; a gift, giving vision and inspiration... successfully bringing into existence the passions from within. 
Symbolic of change in perspective and self realization, it is the source of mental and emotional maturity. The dragonfly's scurrying flight across water represents the act of going beneath the surface and looking into the deeper implications and aspects of life.
Living in the Moment
With the ability to fly for only a fraction of its life, the dragonfly does everything it can in a short amount of time leaving nothing to be desired. This exemplifies living in the now and to the fullest. You are aware of who you are, where you are, what your doing, what you want and what you don't want and making informed choices on an individual basis. 

The Opening of Ones Eyes
The eyes of the dragonfly are awe inspiring. 360* of sight, symbolizing the uninhibited vision of the mind; able to see beyond the limitations of human self; rising above materialism...to finally, moving beyond the mundane into the vastness that is our universe to witness and experience the realities of true love.   

In loving memory of Maya Angelou....
In the mist of me writing myself back out of a shell, I heard about the release of Maya Angelou's spirit from the body. Although sadden, I've been dealing with the death of close relatives once a month for the past three...and felt the timing of hers, was another sign to me, solidifying my feelings by remembering the words of her wisdom.  

I'm Listening closely 
and I hear clearly 
the voice of my Ancestors spirit 
speaking the words 
.....Still I Rise  


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