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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Urban Poetry UPcycle Style

 Urban Poetry UPcycle Style, is the poetic nature that speaks from designing with a conscience converting unwanted product and recycled resources keeping materials out of land fills and turning them
into something unique and once again useful. By integrating the love of art and poetry, my creations become distinct one-off's (one-of-a-kind) from the additional enhancements of original digital art, deconstructing, "remixing": mixing reclaimed and remnant  fabrics or innovative simplistic styles that involves little or no sewing to construct.

The idea of UPcycling is one of the most sustainable things people can do, as it is good not only for the environment but it gives peace of mind. The average American discards an estimated 70 pounds of clothing a year, with 15% recycled and 85% going to landfills, causing 11.1 million tons of textile wast, making up about 5% of the total garbage. Reusing items that other wise would be discarded, reduces the amount of pesticides used in growing cotton or to make fabrics from petroleum sources. It preserves water that would have been needed to dye fabrics and cuts down on methane gas pollutants released from decomposing clothing as well as the volatile organic compounds emitted into the water and air from the manufacturing process.

Then there is also the beneficial factor of knowing where your items come from.  The enormous and ugly human rights issue surrounding garments made in factories is perplexing. The inhuman manor in which some major clothing manufactures go about production in the name of profit is troubling. "Sweatshops", deprive its workers of sufficient wages to support the basic needs of a small family and is degrading with persons having to endure verbal and physical abuse.

Become apart of the growing trend. Be original and make a difference by supporting eco designs and or also buying locally made hand crafts or services as this will become your peace of mind by impacting your local communities economy...which is the most sustainable and eco-friendly thing one can do.

Also check out the "Remarkable Vision" and 'Amazing Strides" that have been made by, Oak Cliff local, Tisha Crear, as well all the local vendors/artist/entrepreneurs working with and supporting her efforts.


Glad to say I was one of the participants. 

March 22, 2014 Vendor Certification Training welcomed a guest presentation from Chesley of CANTOINETTE studios

Specializing in sculptural headwear and contemporary jewelry using recycled, reclaimed and found materials

Stay Tuned Online Shop Coming Soon!!!
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EPA environmental protection agency

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