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Friday, November 15, 2013

Naïve Eve

Naïve Eve

Blind to it couldn't see the difference.
Naive eve was so innocent.

Confident, sure of herself…
Fearless and assertive.

She has qualities of substance.
But, her Naive –Mind was
her down fall.

She was easily persuaded by false images…
had no clue what was happening.

She lost power over the situation without knowing.
Thought she was in control...

She was oblivious 
to the seriousness 
of the poisonous venom 
being injected into her system

Her eyes now blinded…She can’t see the realness.
So frightening is the meaning, underneath the surface.

She’s fighting now…Wishing
She could go back… Back to Innocence.  

I wrote this poem thinking of  "My first time". I felt a certain level of pressure from my partner and society that having sex made you a "WOMAN";....and if you are good at it, you'll  get a man to do anything. To often the images we see only perpetuate the notion that  in-order to be considered attractive, get or keep a man, you must be a lady in the streets and a freak in the bed or turn yourself into eye-candy that's so unrealistic one looks like an animated doll.

So I gave into the pressure but I plead that other young girls think twice. If I could change it, things would be different but we all know you can't re-wright history. 

Funny how things come to you at the perfect time. I was only going to post my poem but then I came across more work by Anarkia, a graffiti artist I just featured in "STOP HITTING PART 1"  She did this work back in 2011. Check it out.....

"My name is Panmela Castro, better known as Anakia. I do graffiti. Today I'm doing a mural for an exhibition that's going to happen at the State Council for Women's Rights. The name of the exhibition is "Color Shocking Pink"

This mural is the story of EVE. There is Eve, the snake and the apple. So this Eve, she's in this place with nothing to do, it was really super boring, a proper drag and there was even this guy there telling her what she could and couldn't do, giving her orders. One day she gets really fed up, and she says well i'm going to do what I want, I'm going to be happy now, I'm not going to obey any man.

Then she began to make loads of friends: her first friend was the snake, and she began to try different fruits, but then those who were scared of the boss, this big guy, began criticizing and demoralizing EVE, saying that she was loose and so on. Now the boss guy, isn't Adam it was God. Eve controlled Adam and didn't pay him much attention;  the problem was the other guy who thought he was THE BOSS.

The apple symbolized sex - even though God said that they couldn't try it - Eve decided to do it anyway. In reality she had sex with Adam, so the Bible says that she had the power to dominate him....read more

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