UPLift the Mind... UPLift the Soul...Use the Light Within to See Past the Illusions. Using art to provoke thought, Urban Poetry is about, finding beauty in the grim; art that is unexpected and the artistry of urban imagination.

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Have a great story that reflects the Urban poetry motto: "Provoke Thought Through Art" or are you a person whom feels your style is unique and artistic, I would love to share it.

 So, please if you would like to be a guest blogger or  highlighted as one of my "F.A.N. Style" ( Fabulous, Artistic, Neighbors), contact me by email with all your info/pictures(w/description of your style if "F.A.N" pic)   urban.poetry@ymail.com

To showcase your work as an artist or artist at heart....please send email with all info to


p. 214.614.8322 x1
PO Box 41624
Dallas, TX 75241

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