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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Love Through It!!

Love Through Hate
written: 8-31-13

The intense fire burns within
The struggle is evident
Realized through the reactions

Nonetheless I must confront this
No backing down or running
Though dealing with the problem is daunting
I want an understanding of why
Why do I choose to assume without even knowing

An intolerance with differences
Unexplained tension flows uncontrollably through my veins
Bringing to existence negative energy that emits from my intellect
Entangled with emotions allowing confusion
From deeply rooted issues in my heart
caused by past destruction's

Aware of the truth that has been spoken to my soul
I sometimes ignore and my ego takes control
Becoming the very thing I run from
Heavy is the burden dealing with
the contradictions of my spirit

The direction clearly points to acceptance
Differences of opinion are going to exist
The uniqueness of each individual is important

I am a separate part of something larger
Never meant for divide and conquer
But meant to connect and balance

Creating harmony
Becoming one with the other
Divine in It's Nature
I must always remember
That my light is greater
than the darkness that tries to take over