UPLift the Mind... UPLift the Soul...Use the Light Within to See Past the Illusions. Using art to provoke thought, Urban Poetry is about, finding beauty in the grim; art that is unexpected and the artistry of urban imagination.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Wow, how ironic, today being #TransformationTuesday and my 35th birthday! As you may have noticed, I've been going through a transforming and transitional time period. Life has a funny way of slowing us down, forcing us to reevaluate who we are, what we are and what we believe. Reminding also, it's a continuous journey about learning self and how we relate who we are to our surroundings and our connections to others around us.
Source from Tattoo Jockey, Different dragonfly's represent different aspects  

The Dragonfly totem is the embodiment of transformation, speaking to ones pure potential; a gift given vision and inspiration...successfully bringing  into existence the passions from within as well as being symbolic of change in perspective and self realization...the source of mental and emotional maturity.

So I encourage all, on this my born day, as my wish is to continue transforming into the best possible me, I ask that as a gift, this #TransformationTuesday that you too transform into the best possible you.
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                                                                                      (edited exert from poem I recently finished)
    ....."ones mental state is the secret weapon
       holding the key that gives direction
       a road map to freedom
       emancipation from captivity through mind liberation

       Arm yourself with knowledge and self govern
       Take back control of your conscience
       for what controls thy mind so shall it control thy     actions
       Let go shackles of  delusional thinking..."

"UPlift" the Mind..."UPlift the Soul...Use the Light Within to See Past the Illusions


I want to Highlight an Amazing Spoken Word Artist. Ruby Ibarra
I came across her the other day while goggling international female spoken word artist. She truly is a gifted  individual with "Bars Of Wisdom" she is a "Dynamite MC".


Not only is she a poet but also a rapper, beat-boxer, and producer. Philippines-born and Cali-bred she describes her style as reminiscent '90s Hip-Hop who's musical inspiration comes from 2Pac, Tribe Called Quest, Eminem, Lauren Hill and Wu Tang Clan. She has a flow like none other, hard hitting and sometimes political lyrics from years of performing spoken word. She released her debut mixtape, Lost in Transition, last May.

PEACE.....LOVE.....&.... LIFE